Sex Goddess

"Isis Cole is a very guilty pleasure."

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Twelve members of the LOVE LAND sex cult are found dead from group suicide at a remote Vermont compound in deep winter. New Orleans Voodoo priest Baron Samedi is called in by a wealthy former fashion model to find her beautiful daughter Isabella, a cult member who was not at the compound.

Baron in turn conjures Mama Brigitte, a Voodoo loa - a supernatural being who can cross between the worlds of the living and the dead. Brigitte is the reincarnation of the Celtic goddess Bridget, and is among the most powerful and most sexual of all the loas.

Brigitte plunges into a search for Isabella, taking her to New York City, Philadelphia, and finally to the Caribbean island of St. Rafael, the outpost of the magnetic cult leader The Teacher, a man who has convinced his female followers that he is the living God on earth.

An erotic, explicit, supernatural thriller with heart-pounding action, international settings, and non-stop suspense, SEX GODDESS marks the debut of an explosive new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Watch for FIRE GODDESS, Book #2 in the Mama Brigitte series!

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