Humiliated Teacher

Just how low will Mrs. Heath go?

Karen Heath is the new teacher and guidance counselor at Truman Junior College. She’s young and weak and inexperienced, and the kids walk all over her. Soon after she begins her job, Mrs. Heath stumbles in on an after-school sexual encounter between a boy and two girls in a locked equipment room. The boy is Trent Fox, the most well-endowed male in the whole school. He has a magnetic power over girls and women, and soon Mrs. Heath falls under his spell.

Their torrid, kinky affair takes place entirely within the walls of the school. She willingly becomes Trent’s secret toy. He makes her do things she has never done during five years of marriage. She debases herself for him, and craves any private humiliation he can dream up. But when he decides to give her to the basketball team to satisfy a debt he owes one of the players, will Mrs. Heath let Trent push her past every limit?

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