Humiliated Cop

Ariel is a bad cop.

She went undercover to catch the brutal underworld mastermind Wesley Gates.  He's a murderer.  A loanshark.  A pimp.  An alpha male thug.

He's also the best sex she ever had.

He uses her, abuses her, treats her as his slave.  His toy.  His slut.  She loves every minute of it.  And then she puts him away for good.  Now, Gates is in jail, facing decades in prison, and plotting his revenge.

Ariel's jealous police captain, who also uses her as his slave, is angry with her.  He feels betrayed.  So he punishes her as only he can - he puts her on the street as a meter maid.  

Ariel is trying to keep the whole thing hidden from her husband.  Steven is a nice guy and an excellent provider.  He loves her.  But if he knew what Ariel is really like, the things she craves - the things she does - it would shatter him.

Meanwhile, Gates's criminal gang is closing in for the kill.

Included is a special bonus FREE story: I Remember You.

On Amazon, Humiliated Cop is published as Bad Cop.