Welcome to my world.  It's a world of crazy deviant sex, of bondage and domination, and of good people who go to extremes to get their desires met. 

I'm Isis Cole, and I hope you'll join me on an erotic adventure.  Click on the book jackets to go to the page for each book.  Right now, for the first time ever, get my story, Erotic Red Riding Hood for Amazon Kindle. 

On this website, you'll find descriptions of the books, links to where you can buy them, as well as valuable coupon codes you can use to get discounts on Smashwords.com.

I'm excited to have you read these books.  I wrote them for you because I love you.


Q: Why, Isis?  Why do you write such raunchy, sexy, even pornographic books?

A: Because it turns me on to think about these things, and I believe it turns other people on as well.  There's no harm in fantasy.


Q: Some of the things you write disturb me.

A: They disturb me, too.  I want to explore the darker side of human relationships, and these books allow me to do so.  


Q: Do you think your books are degrading to women?

A: No.  I think my books are life affirming, challenging, and even fun.  Anyone who thinks that domination and submission games are necessarily degrading has never participated in these activities.  


Q: Why can't I get your books on Amazon?

A: Now you can!  Go to Amazon right now and buy Erotic Red Riding Hood for the bargain price of just $2.99.